Sunday, November 26, 2006

"What we got here...failure to communicate"

229 vs. 231
Making it stick to "The Man, LLC"

Even when you are on good speaking terms with the builder/developer, living next door to a South Slope construction site can have its many trials and tribulations. Read for yourself just how bad it can get when the builder turns out to be less than impeccable with their word and, ouch!, you need to hire a lawyer to duke it out.

The new Robert Scarano & Associates creation (recognize those Mezzanines?) has turned out to be a nightmare for the resident homeowners of 229 Sixteenth Street.

So in order to have their side of the story available to the public, they have decided to launch their own website for some good ole internet justice.
229 -vs.- 231

To hear why click here.
Want to read the list of Department of Buildings Complaints and Violations? Click here.
For the Brief History of Everything, check out their Time line including what appears to be "misunderstandings" with Castle House Development, Inc., 231 16th Street Associates, LLC, and Brooklyn's 72nd police precinct.

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