Sunday, November 05, 2006

The "C" word-What a difference three months make.

Now with Imby Brands all natural "Memory Freshner".

One week before the wall at 1504 8th Avenue starts to crack, a large sink hole forms along the church yard fence. A backhoe is used to fill in the hole as the ground begins to disappear.

7/22/2006 Photo-The first signs of cracking. DoB has not been to the site at this point to do any inspections. First 311 calls are made by neighbors after excessive vibrations are felt.

11/05/2006 After Photo-Current state of affairs. Multiple "generations" of surveyor marks and crack monitors are visible.

7/25/2006 Before Photo Detail of surveyor marks before crack monitors are installed. Vacate Order Issued on this day after DoB decides building is "imminently perilous to life".

11/05/2006 After Photo-Detail of same surveyor marks. The orange chimney flue is now visible as sections of brick fall out from wall.

So what's new?

A GEOPHONE device has been placed at the base of the wall to measure seismic energy, recording any ground vibrations. Who's on the other end of the line collecting this data? The DoB or the contractors themselves?

Front facade shows movement in two places at cornice.

11/05/2006 Front facade detail of bricks shifting.

11/05/2006 Crack now extends all the way to the top at rear parapet wall.

Any Catholic stone masons out there able to identify "Lost Causes" when they see one?

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