Monday, March 21, 2016

TarLan Design-Build, LLC Big Lot Big Developments for South Slope

333 14th Street/ 346 13th Street  

South Slope New Construction: The architect of record, Saverio Tarantino of TarLan Design-Build LLC has approved plans for a four story multifamily for 14th Street and three, three-story single family homes planned for 13th Street.
Big Lot, Big Developments.  Demolition complete.  This lot is 50 feet by 200 feet. View from 14th Street looking towards 13th Street

This is the "before" 13th Street side of the lot where three single family homes are planned.  Not sure how the developer decided on which side of the lot to put the single family homes and which side gets the multifamily but the 13th Street medical office building next door has got to be the ugliest building in all of the South Slope.  14th Street is by far the more handsome street if you have to choose.
The "before" photo of the now demolished day care center.  333 14th Street will be developed as a multifamily with off street parking for some 44 automobiles. 
The beautiful brick building on the right belongs to Verizon.  I think it's part of their network grid. The roof is covered in cell phone tower equipment.
Robotic Parking Facilities to be located in the cellar under the 14th Street multifamily.
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onemorefoldedsunset said...

Good grief, back with a vengeance! Nice!

IMBY said...

Well Just noticed it's been ten years since i started this blog. Have you seen the YIMBY blog...Yes! to building in my back yard. Pro development site. Snappy name though.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Oh yes, I'm all too familiar with Mr YIMBY. Congrats on the ten years, & great to see you back on the neighborhood site watch. Plenty of possibilities!