Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Construction: OPerA-tic on 16th $treet

The architects over at OPerA Studio have completely transformed 297 16th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues) without destroying the street's diminutive architectural scale.  Unfortunately the Buildings Department has dropped a SWO bomb on the job site for demolishing a garage without a permit.  Hefty fines for that as well as failure to give notice of excavation prior to starting the dig. For bearings, that's 297 on the left and the recently gut reno'ed 299 on the right.  We profiled 299 16th Street back in 2012 where you can see more archival before and after photos.
2011:  A mundane "before" photo lifted from one of our favorite Brooklyn photoblogs Street-Level-NYC.   297 seen here wrapped in asphalt shingles was briefly clad in aluminum siding right before it was put on the market in an effort to boost its curb appeal or possibly/probaly to cure an ECB/Buildings violation for a rotting facade.  It worked, as the property eventually sold for $1.2million to current owners.  
According to OPerA's web site they altered and expanded the old building's exterior by creating a new foundation and enveloping the side and rear facades with masory before demolishing the old structure.  Looks like the construction fence is almost ready to be taken down. I think the exterior wood siding will remain natural in color which i think looks pretty, pretty, good juxtaposed to the black glazed brick on the side extentsion.  
From the Architects website
The narrow alley way between both buildings gets walled.  I believe 299 lost all her side windows which must have been tuff to swallow after just finishing $$$ renovating.  The perils of lotline windows....sad emoji face here.  
Definately not your grandma's South Slope!  Architect's drawing for 297 16th Street lifted from their web page defies belief.
That sure is a lot of stairs to scale at the end of the day.
More Plan Porn
From above, IMBY Brand Satellites deliver

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