Thursday, August 08, 2013

Prospect Hardware Cocooned.

Major interior and exterior metamorphoses for the old aluminum sided Prospect Hardware on the corner of 17th Street and 7th Avenue across from PS 10.   Peeking through the black mesh veil reveals a new coat of stucco, and big glass. A lot of glass, floor to ceiling.

In the old school Prospect Hardware everything was hung everywhere from hooks or held in wooden bins or had to be found by the guy at the counter, sometimes in back where the customers never can go.  You had to personally  ask for what you needed for a specific job and, based on your ability to explain, you would or would not receive said item.   As for windows I do not recall any.   It certainly met the definition of a "man cave".

They Orthodoxically closed early on Fridays, but you already knew that if you were a patron.

 In the last decade or so South Slope old time bodega owners have been busy updating their store fronts.    Lotto posters, stacked saint candles, and toppled faded fabric softener bottles are out.   They are being replaced by big glass windows sustainably shaded by hemp awnings, colored that certain tint of green signifying  Organic.   Displayed in baskets, locally woven by adderal addicted stay at home dads, are seasonal dragon fruits and virginal-thigh rolled buttery croissants.
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Prospect Hardware doesn't even have its own blog, which is why I'm being urged to tell you about it here.  I will post an updated photo of the new exterior the minute she emerges.


Vintage Seventh Avenue Streetscape

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