Tuesday, August 13, 2013

383 12th Street: Permits Granted for Stalled Money Pit

383 12th Street:  South Slope cellar accrues over $30,000 in unpaid ECB fines This recent photo pictured above pretty much shows what condition the lot was left  in some 10 years ago...A debris filled hole in the ground. You can still see the old foundation's brick footprint.

Signs of Life
 Looks like the developer/owner of this South Slope 25' wide 100' deep empty lot between 6th and 7th Avenues is going ahead with plans to construct a new 4 story building with 8 residential units. At least a new construction fence has been installed with active permit signs posted.

The original vacant 2 story 2 family building was demolished in 2002 after a failure to maintain/ open to the elements/ unsecured property violation sometime in 2000.  After demolition work was signed off in 2003 Department of Buildings then approved new building plans in 2004 for the 8 residential units but no further work was done at the site. Last year, August 2012, a post approval application was approved for the planned new building informing the DOB that there was to be a change of architects on the project.

B.E.S.T  Team Aggravated Escalating Monetary Penalties
Since demolition, this cellar hole has somehow managed to acquire 19 DOB and Environmental Control Board (ECB) violations, 15 of which are still open and not in compliance, including 7 violations for work without a permit.   Incredibly this stalled site has racked up more than $30,000 in unpaid fines over the last decade, most related to the protective construction fence not being properly maintained and permitted.  

Certifying Correction:
In order to close a violation on your property, you must certify correction at the Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) at 280 Broadway, 5th Floor in Manhattan, in addition to paying the penalty. The Certificate of Correction form is available online (see link below) or at the AEU window. Evidence of the payment of imposed civil penalties associated with the violation must also be submitted.
AEU will not clear any Work Without a Permit violation without proof of civil penalty payment in the form of a receipt from cashier for payment and/or a written determination that the penalty is not required for the violation and the reason for that determination. The determination will be indicated on the “LL58/88 Affidavit of Registered Architect or Professional Engineer” Form with all necessary documentation and proof of payment.


PDF  "Falling Apart at the Seams.  A Critical Analysis of New York City's Failure to Enforce its Building Code and a Road Map to the Future."   By Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer

  Form AEU2: Certificate of Corrections

PDF   Certification Requirements for the Top 25 ECB Violations

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onemorefoldedsunset said...

Well this one's certainly been hanging around a long time. I liked the pitched-roof house that used to be there ... always used to imagine living in it. The remaining basement, with steps leading down, was a sad exhibit of development greed.