Friday, June 24, 2011

South Slope Super Mega Flip POWERBALLS Update

A reader has just informed us that the asking price for our little friend 429 11th Street has just gone up an additional $199,000.  Brooklyn Properties has the listing for $1,599,000, up from last weeks $1,400,000.   Me likes the broker bravado.

There are now interior shots suggesting that at least 50% or more of the area of the building has been worked on.  (Permit Speak)

I suggest you attend the open house this Sunday, June 26th  from 1 to 3pm and report back on frenzied bidding war fistycuffs. 

Kool-aid will be served in the  Zen Garden.

Link:  South Slope Super Mega Flip.

The NY mega millions jackpot is now $1.599 Milllllllllllllllllllllion 

Meanwhile, back at the DOB...Unfinished paperwork.

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