Sunday, May 02, 2010

New Architectural Voyeurism: Jackson Place's Side by Side Remodels

Works in Progress

Neighborly rejuvenation of two diminutive wood frame row houses on perpendicularly positioned Jackson Place in Park Slope South.

believe this very narrow, single block-long street is zoned R5B.

"Sky Blue Yonder"
Back when these homes were originally built, Crayola Crayons had just 8 colors in their box. Now they have 120. Care to try and guess the color name for the door pictured? Here's a helpful link: COLOR

You could always have a look through Benjamin Moore's Virtual Fan Deck... COLOR

I'm feeling "pear".


Anonymous said...

Wasabi is the color.

Anonymous said...'s Wasabi

Anonymous said...

Actually it's "Wasabi"