Monday, September 28, 2009

South Slope Empurpled.

IMBY's South Slope Masonry Forecast: Spring Legacy 2010

Merlot now more than ever.

What can we anticipate from our local clay masons for Spring? Think majestic non-standard kingsizes and heritage textures. Expect a suburban residential range of juxtaposed color- Everything from an angry full bodied plum, through the spectrum of bittersweet burgundies, and up into the lofty charcoals. Backed by matching notes of dusty rose mortar, next years brick faces are being paired with simple yet classic precast concrete lintels and cornices.

Two From The House of Karl Fisher
226 15th Street

169 16th Street

Endicott Clay Products Medium Iron Spot #46 Heritage Texture

182 15th Street

The Leonard Colchamiro Collection

BK Developers

Mark Zeldin

18-20 Jackson Place

390 14th Street

272 19th Street

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