Monday, October 20, 2008

There she blows... The Armory Plaza Parking Facility exposed.

The Armory Plaza @406 15th Street
The eagerly anticipated, long awaited, Bricolaged Designs/Henry Radusky/ Jack Locicero collaboration triumphantly pulls down its construction fence sans shame.

Looking east up 15th Street, directly across the street from the newly restored, historically landmarked, $16 million Park Slope Armory Sports Facility.

The three story brick building in the foreground is what's left of Rosa's Mexican Bakery.

Access three levels of subterranean parking through this roll down garage door.

Front Entrance. Twin stair cases leading down to the cellar level "ambulatory health care facility".

A window. A wire for surveillance camera.

Sidewalk with vaulted metal grating covering the moat. The two thornless honey locust street trees fared poorly during the installation of the 60' deep foundation pilings.

Subterranean Ambulatory Health Care
=Methodist Hospital?

Couch-sized section of concrete pile cap remains exposed!?

Rear corner shot as seen from the 8
th Avenue lot line.


Anonymous said...

it could've been much worse... having said that, the balconies are atrocious and the only way to make them more aesthetically pleasing would be to cover them with plants. Hopefully the trees in front will help as well...

Anonymous said...

For all the criticism, at least these builders have maintained the look of the slope through the true brickwork, the window frames, and the size and style. This is the first building around this immediate area that I think might actually increase property values, as opposed to other eyesores (i.e. 6th ave. at 18th. st). I, for one, am excited for the AHP to have an open house, so I can see what they've done with the place. Hey...if it's nice inside, how quickly can they re-do the rest of this block?