Saturday, October 18, 2008

Opening Soon: Gialeti's Cafe

1658 Eighth Avenue.
Promising fresh baked pastries, paninis, crepes and more... The Gialeti's will do well if they make themselves accessible to the local south Slope stroller pushing crowd. That particular corner on Prospect Avenue and Eighth Avenue is just one-block-walk away from "Grade A" PS 10 Elementary School. Come to think of it, maybe they should spring for an advert in the school's PTA newsletter.


It would be smart if they were able to salvage some part of the old tin store front. Replacing the striped canvas rollout awning would help if they plan on providing outdoor table seating. The corner sees a lot of automobile traffic coming off the Prospect Expressway exit down Eighth Ave, so a sturdy well anchored iron fence would be reassuring to lounging patrons. As for Mike's old bodega, it's a total gut job. So far this week it's still just a sheet rocked "vanilla box" on the inside.

Prospect Terrace???
Let's hope that we will finally see in our lifetimes the completion of Karl Fischer's new condo development a few doors down the street at 1638 8th Ave. and
(" Lake Windsor") , as it is now referred to by the neighbors, will no longer be just a mosquito infested hole in the ground.
Abundant crepe eaters, no doubt, await occupancy.

& More...
Wouldn't mind seeing some form of old fashioned, home made ice creme fountain type place in the neighborhood that's fairly priced. I know plenty of kids (and parents) who were disappointed to hear that the stained glass candy store on P.P.W. is actually going to be just another lousy wine store.

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