Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bob Dylan Plays Prospect Park Tonight

I'm In Here.

Tonight @ 7pm Prospect Park Bandshell

Crowd Control

If you were thinking of coppin' a free peek at the legend, think again. They've installed an eight foot tall screened fence surrounding the entire bandshell's perimeter. Then there's another row of metal barricades with wooden snow fence attached, out in front of the big fence.
I expect the blue meanies will be out in full force. Hoboes, bring your tree climbing shoes.


Melissa said...

Celebrate Brooklyn... just don't expect to see a damn thing if you weren't one of the ones lucky enough to get a ticket before they sold out in record time. Ugh.

Funniest part - who the hell wants to look at Dylan anyway? He's not a visual delight, he's an audible wonder. I'll be sitting on the grass listening to him, not climbing a tree to get a look at him.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm furious: they've never done this for any other concert, why now?
True, Dylan aint much to look at, but why rub the exclusivity of this event in our faces? I think they should re-name the event 'Screw Brooklyn!'