Sunday, August 24, 2008

292 15th Street Mikvah

Future Site: Undeveloped vacant lot along 15th Street in south Park Slope awaits Jewish ritual bathing pool.

Above: The site in context with neighboring buildings.


New construction of a three-story, 3711 sq.ft. community facility for the Lubavitch community of Park Slope, Brooklyn. The building consists of three floors above ground, (that's 31' tall) and a full cellar space dedicated to ritual bathing for men and women. Seems the plans also indicate a subcellar as well.

The second level is dedicated to religious activities. The third level includes a caretaker’s apartment and a large Sukah terrace for outdoor rituals.

Daniel O'Conner Architects

Sharon Engineering P.C.

DOB Property Profile Overview for 292 15th St.

Renderings lifted from Daniel O'Conner Architects home page

Niddah Please...

Even if you covered it in aluminum siding, this one's gonna stand out from the crowd. IMBY's hoping for a facade of natural stone, maybe weathered limestone... Even modernist Breton Brut with roughly imprinted concrete would be welcome. Please, no mirror polished granite or salmon colored CMU's. Do you think the curb cut will be used for parking out front? Would love to see a nice tree over some SUV with clergy plates. That section of 15th needs street trees badly. What are the chances of seeing some vertical gardening up along that staircase? GREEN WALLS link

UPDATE: Well everyone out of the pool, DOB may pull the plug.

City may wash hands of Slope bath
By Sarah Portlock
The Brooklyn Paper

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