Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1638 Eighth Avenue's Stop Work Order

1638 Eighth Avenue in better times.
This is the fifth year of construction. Five years of disappearing backyards. Five years of cracked patios. Five years of broken foundations. Five years of sink holes. Five years of flooded basements. Five years of piles being installed and five years of misplaced piles being removed. Five years of piles pounded back in again hopefully in the right place this time, maybe? Five years of stagnant water and mosquitoes. Five years of noise and vibration. Five years of promises. Five years of absolute quiet.
Excavation has begun and the excavation has stopped again, as the contractors failed to file the proper shoring plans with the powers that be and a Stop Work Order was issued. Neighbors were shaken from their beds at 5 am as the giant machine pictured below was "dropped off" at the site in preparation for more pile driving. The DoB was worried about the existing cracks in these same neighbors properties. How will these properties be protected during this new phase of construction? Well it looks like the contractor is not that worried about placing the senior citizens who live in this building in jeopardy. They assume that after five years of constant pain and suffering, 85 complaints registered so far, that the women's spirit would be as broken as their backyards. That does not appear to be the case.

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