Thursday, April 19, 2007

1504 Structural Stabilization & Temporary Building Bracing

The owner of 1504 8th Avenue, a Mr. Arnold Rosenshein of 1504 Realty L.L.C., has been granted a permit to begin work on stabilizing his heavily damaged building.

Is this "temporary fix" only a defensive response to the previous two D.o.B./E.C.B. violations for "Failure to Maintain"? Or could it actually be the beginning of an honest to Betsy attempt to rescue and repair the building before the outer masonry walls shear off into the Memorial Baptist Church's now vacated parking lot? No sidewalk shed permits have been applied for to our knowledge.
There are significant cracks on both the rear and side facades. The left side wall seems to be twisting. There are also areas on the front facade where the brick around the window gates has popped off. The basement floor and foundation wall at the rear of the building show signs of severe depression. It does not look good. IMBY staff psychologists have been working closely with the building as it has been "entertaining certain thoughts" about throwing itself down into The Pit. There is always the chance that this hysteria could have already spread to the neighboring 1502 8th Avenue. Just last week, our caring DoB inspectors stopped an apparent self-inflicted boiler-ectomy. Was this a cry for help?
Sunnydale Hell Hole
In any case, the Armory Plaza Gang have wasted no time in digging down to the next level. You can see the different colored layers of glacial sediment being exposed by the excavator . Our IMBY staff Geologist is out this week, but I will venture to guess that this soil has not been disturbed in like a gazzillion years.

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