Monday, April 10, 2006

Withdrawl Symptoms

On March 31st 2006 Henry Radusky officially requested that his application for The Armory Plaza on the 408 15th Street address be withdrawn from Department of Buildings review.

The original plans for a 9 story building never really had a chance. The permits were revoked in the Spring of '05 after the DoB realized their error in granting them in the first place. Then the neighborhood downzoned to R6B later in November of '05 lowering the F.A.R. from 2.43 to 2.. This would shrink its buildable square footage and place height limitations on the number of stories. Finally the New Building Permits for 408 became redundant as revised plans for a seven story building would be filed. and then again, after acquiring property at 406 15th Street.

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