Monday, March 24, 2014

Violating a Stop Work Order

413 17th Street:  A Stop Work Order Violation for work without a permit from July of 2013 was disobeyed leading to the issuing of  another violation in January 2014. 
Metal lath has been fastened to the exterior wood siding and then a thin veneer of red brick has been set on top. The installation of the brick veneer has stopped leaving an unfinished border around the windows. The front parlor level doors have been removed.     


onemorefoldedsunset said...

Damn it. I loved those green doors & and the matching stoop & windows. A beautiful old house.

Anonymous said...

You might keep an eye on 192 15th street as well. One week into new development on vacant lot there is a Stop Work order for endangering foundation of wood-frame neighbor.