Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Bride Stripped Bare: 413 17th Street Unveiled.

17th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues is a cornucopia of architectural stylings.   Our 413 sits smack in the middle of the block sandwiched between its two recently restored  neighbors 411 and 415.  There are lots of tiny two story wood frames in the area but few remain historically intact, unable to withstand generations of irreversible remudelings.  Cornices fall or are removed to make the application of aluminum siding easier.  Iron work "disappears" overnight never to be replaced.  Facades are completely stripped of wooden details and then replaced with synthetic stucco slathered Styrofoam. In our recent speculator times many stand alone wooden homes sitting on lots over 24 feet have been demolished and replaced by shoddy ill mannered condominiums. 

Some time in the past someone got talked into covering the wood with faux brick inspired asphalt shingles.  With the asphalt siding removed and the multiple layers of paint stripped it certainly is a turning out to be a diamond in the rough. 
New double hung windows... wonderfully detailed cornice.

Original stone stoop is in fine shape with its intact cast iron newel posts and floral inspired balusters hermetically sealed in metallic green auto paint.
It has been mentioned that the property has been recently sold but I find no records on ACRIS.  The DoB  site shows a Partial Stop Work Order is in effect due to unpermitted excavation work and interior demolition.  311 complaints indicate the neighbor's property may have been harmed in some way bringing on the Full Stop Work Order and ECB violation ($400 paid) back on the 17th of July.  Permits were recently applied for and granted on November 25th after most of the work has been completed...Anyway the sign indicates Brooklyn masonry contractor Michael Buscarello is doing the work and may also be the new owner.  What are the chances this property will flip?

What did $2.372 million buy?   For those old timers on the block here's something from the IMBY ARCHIVES.  Not so long ago the neighborhood still had a few properties left to decay by absentee owners... VACANT FOR DECADES recently restored 411 17th Street as it looked prior to a gut renovation.  LINK

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