Monday, June 03, 2013

Dumpster Full of Dirt: What's Up at 413 17th Street?

UPDATE: Neighbor's 311 complaint concerning unpermitted excavation and demolition results in Full Stop Work Order Violation for... unpermitted excavation and demolition.

413 17th Street appears to have had its cellar dug out... Anyone know what's happened to the older gentleman who resides there?   I have not seen him in some time.   DOB records show no applications filed or permits drawn.  Does not appear to have been sold either, at least no new deeds filed on ACRIS.
I love this old house for the way he maintains the front stoop in a metalic shiny polished paint color that he must have mixed himself.


onemorefoldedsunset said...

I love this place too, and what a contrast to the neighboring building. I've enjoyed talking to the man who lives/lived there.

Knicks622 said...

My name is Michael and I have purchased home from john he will continue to live there.
I am only doing emergency waterproofing at this time.
P.S. sorry about container, Last time I use that company.