Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Skin: 297 15th Street Wood Frame Row House

Streetscape:  Unwrapping the bandages 297 15th Street unveils a restorative face lift.  Petrola Productions, LLC ??? purchased this wooden row house for $812,000  in May of 2011.  The renovation and conversion of this 2 family into a 1 family is brought to you by architect BENJAMIN ELLIS  of the Gowanus based firm  ELLIS +DONNELLY STUDIO  
UPDATE: Well someone just informed me that this is Dan Goldstein's new house.  This NYTimes story is a hoot.  Seems a neighbor objected to his building a legally permitted extension on the back of this house.  You can see it for your self by following this link.  The neighbor who raised the stink went ahead and sold her house for $1.4 million.  Wow, that's a great price for a wood frame.  Thing that makes me laugh is she is an administrative judge for the Environmental Control Board, one of the least effective links in our ongoing battle to control rogue contractors/speculators operating in the South Slope.  I could name two dozen neighboring properties developed in the last few years with thousands and thousands of unpaid ECB fines on the books, money still owed to the good people of Brooklyn.  

Welcome Goldstein family... Congratulations on your beautiful new home.

Early photo before completion of cornice shows new roof top bulkhead.

Bulk head not so visible now that the cornice has been completed.  Yes, plans do call for a hot tub installation

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