Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brooklyn's Park Avenue Boarded

69 Vanderbilt Avenue Hermetically Sealed.   Hard to believe it but a a Full Vacate Order has been in place since March of 2009.  There are no plans filed for either the demolition or restoration of this wood row house.  Environmental Control Board violations show that the property's owner has failed to maintain the building to the point where it has collapsed in on itself, with beams falling into the cellar and the front porch structurally unsound.  Those familiar with this house will fondly recall the frugal inhabitant's questionable DIY skills.  I seem to remember the porch railings having been reinforced with recycled bed frames in years past.  
The two well maintained frame houses on the right show what might still be possible.  I don't know, sounds like the building's bones might have already turned to jelly.   
Two vacant lots in the very near vicinity have been developed in a much more modern direction.

Posh Park Avenue Address Structurally Unstable

Surprised by the very professional house sealing.... Most of the windows had been without glass even when people lived there.

In Red in the Shadow of The BQE

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