Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two SWO's, One House: Deep Shit Edition.

 Park South Slope, Brooklyn. Measuring in at just over 1,114 square feet, diminutive 429 11th Street awaits an Alt-2 slathering of fresh stucco and minor partition work.   

The Building's Department has dropped a Stop Work Order deuce on the new owner BZI Realty Corp.,  first  for performing acts of construction contrary to their approved plans and then secondly, for getting caught working against that first SWO violation.   Environmental Control Board fines now total $38,500!!!    That's something like $34.50 per square foot if you trust my math.   Of coarse there is a good chance that they beat the fines as the respondent of record appears to be  dead.  ECB says All penalties must be paid and plans must be amended, or else.

Here's 429 in all her asphalt shingled glory daze... Yes those are real vintage fiberglass awnings.    
I think Corcoran had this as an "estate sale/bring your contractor" listing for $549,000 back in September 2010.   Records  indicate BZI Realty Corp.  purchased the one family home for $475,000 back in March 2011.  There was an outstanding tax lien for $8,241.50 on the books as well.  
Check out this old IMBY post to see how this little trouble maker sits on a lot that's just 800 square feet.

Transom Saints.

Priorities:  They may have let the house go to hell, but the Virgin Mary's concrete grotto never goes with out a fresh coat of heaven.

The Deuce.

And now for the paperwork...

Carmela Aglione has left the building.


onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks for the information, IMBY. I've been watching that little house ever since I moved to the South Slope in the 80's. I always liked seeing it as an asphalt holdout, when the houses around it were gussied up. I've had something of an obsession with the Virgin Mary, & really wanted to run off with her! I tried to get at least one of the little saints, but couldn't swing it.

CB6 said...

I was surprised to find this blog and post. This property's developer has caused a number of problems around Brooklyn. I'd be interested in chatting. Please get in touch if you've time, thanks.