Wednesday, March 23, 2011

South Slope's 7th Avenue Street Tree Planting

YES YOU ARE!!!      As seen on Seventh Avenue Brooklyn

 Don't let today's snowfall fool you, there's just eight more weeks left to our Spring tree planting season. Have you noticed our part of Seventh Avenue just got a dozen new baby street trees straight from the nursery.  Their birth names? 

Carpinus Betulus Fastigiata aka "Fastigate Hornbeam"
Styphnolobium Japonicum Regent aka "Japanese Pagoda"
Ginkgo Biloba Magyar aka "Ginkgo" aka "Stinkberry"
Zelkova Serrata Green Vase aka "Japanese Zelkova"
Platanus Acerifolia Bloodgood aka "London Plane"

"Who will care for me now?"
Zelkova Serrata "Green Vase"  commonly known as Japanese Zelkova.
PS10 has three newly planted Japanese Pagoda trees out in front.  The Regent cultivar begins flowering at a very early age,  not unlike most of the children of Park Slope.

For just pennies a day...

According to the MillionTreesNYC web site, the city has planted 431,672 trees so far, but they are vulnerable and in need of stewardship.
Hey, are you especially proud of that enormous spider plant hanging in your kitchen? The one that has outlived your last three boy friends? Think you have a green thumb but don't have any place to stick it?  Want the opportunity to show off your nature skills?      Why not adopt a newborn street tree? 

Look at all those vulnerable trees, alone, out on the street... You can click here now to start the adoption process.

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