Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NYC Department of Buildings Enhances Violations

Editor's note: The entire IMBY staff has returned from UPSTATE, emerging from it's silken chrysalis, (unpaid summer vacation)  now transformed,  ready and willing to report as usual to our 9 loyal world wide web subscribers.

The NYC Department of Buildings has enhanced its online Building Information System (BIS) to make your Environmental Control Board violation information more accessible to enquiring minds.

Now when you visit a "Property Profile Overview" page for a particular address, let's say 824 Friel Place in Brooklyn, and click on "Violations-ECB (DOB)" you are directed to a new, much more information packed "ECB Query by Location" page.

You will be able to view an entire summarized list of all ECB violations issued to the property, DOB Violation status, respondent info, ECB Hearing Status, Violation dates, Infraction Codes as well as any ECB penalties due.  Clicking on the highlighted "Infraction Code" above  the violation type will automatically download a PDF containing a "Penalty Schedule for ECB Violations".

A new guide at the bottom of the page defines terms, severity levels by class, and violation and hearing status terms.  Fun Times.

So, from the example above, it looks like 824 Friel Place has 24 open-non compliance building violations. The respondent, JUST HOMES LLC, has defaulted on all 24 hearing dates and now shows a total penalty due of $151,500.00.

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