Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Robert Palermo, Corporate Design of America PC and Omni-Build four family tag team.

Here's an image of the original brick faced wood frame structure recently torn down to make way for the new.

The first things that caught my eye as I was leaving the Chase Bank via their drive thru parking lot, these two cheerfully painted, very well maintained, modest sized wood frame homes standing side by side. Pleasant surprise.
This section of 8th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues is, to speak kindly, a very eclectic mix of commercial and residential buildings. Directly across the street from this handsome pair is the 9th Street Post Office's rear parking lot, which is surrounded by a chain link security fence crowned with razor wire. Not a very easy thing on the eyes. If you patronize the 9th Street P.O. on a regular basis, you understand that basic building maintenance is not exactly high up on their to-do list. Honestly, I really doubt they even have time to keep to-do lists. There are still plenty of Christmas presents left to deliver.

257 Eighth Street
Hey look, it's another Corporate Design of America, Robert Palermo, RA and Omni Build collaboration. Sounds like this block will be getting another 50' tall, four story, four family building.

Last month on IMBY we looked at these two Omni Build projects currently under construction.

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