Thursday, May 01, 2008

20 Jackson Place Ordered to Stop Work

Almost as soon as the excavating work for the new foundation started, it stopped. The NYC Buildings Department has shut down the entire site until further notice.

Understanding Your ECB Violation

"B25 27-201 Work does not conform to approved plans"

Provision of Law: §27-201 Compliance with application, plans, etc.- All work shall conform to the approved application and accompanying plans and papers, and any approved amendments thereto.

Background: Construction inspectors issue this violation when the condition at the location does not match what is in the application (drawings, etc). This violation is issued either as a result of a complaint, as a result of a scheduled inspection for an application, as part of a "sweep" or as part of a review of previously issued violations. No work can be conducted that is not included in the approved plans and application. The inspector will often include the current permit or application number as a reference for the violation.

18-20 Jackson Place!!!!!!!!!!

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