Monday, February 12, 2007

Internal Affairs Probe: Forensic Colonoscopy

The big question mark. Internal Affairs Division/Building's Special Investigations Unit to examine all things Armory Plaza?

This interdepartmental complaint (below) was recently posted on the Department of Buildings web page for the Jack Locicero Armory Plaza development. The one going up, or should I say down, at 406 15th Street in Brooklyn.
Something of a surprise when you make your daily visit to the DoB's BIS web page and find an investigative inspection assigned to the Internal Affairs Division-The agency's Office of Investigations and Discipline (IAD)and the Building's Special Investigations Unit (BSIU). The BSIU among other things, conducts investigations into alledged acts of misconduct, fraud, and corruption involving city employees, engineers, expediters, architects, and contractors, any individuals and or businesses engaged in dealings with the DoB. Their findings are passed on to New York City's Department of Investigations who supervise the BSIU.

I don't want to speculate as to the reason for this action before we at IMBY have a chance to poke around a little more, preferably with an old, rusty IMBY Brands surplus endoscope... But one thing is for sure, we may finally have an explanation for why, for almost two years now and even after some 70 complaints, and an emergency evacuation order, the DOB has been more or less unresponsive to our requests for help. This investigation may actually be an example of the "transparency in government" that I keep hearing so much about. It may also explain why there has been no work done to the site for the last two weeks, even though no stop work order is recorded. Lets hope that the investigative powers that be leave no salmon colored pre-cast masonry unit unturned during their investigation.
(Whistle blowers with any information can drop us an e-mail at

Bend over and grab your ankles.
Another big question mark still hangs over the other malignant Locicero/Radusky 9 story polyp on 22nd Street. There's a case of chronic Certificate of Occupancy irritation that continues to draw the Environmental Control Board's wrath.

Maybe the DOI is only interested in recovering all those unpaid fines? What about "contractor integrity"? What about self-certification and building according to the plans submitted to the DoB? What about the DOB itself?
Here's a good opportunity to get the DoB up on the table for a thorough examination. We will be surprised if everything appears smooth and pink, with no abnormal growths, pouches, bleeding, or inflammation.

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