Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2006 Crack Tour

If you weren't able to attend any of the recent IMBY ARCHIVES crack viewing parties held this past month, check out our free homemade amateur video of some of the raucous fun. You may have missed out on the barbecue, but here's your to-go-cup brimming full of ice cold crack highlights. As always. we believe in giving you 10 lbs. of fun in a 5 lb. bag. "You want a straw with that fun? Take these extra napkins dear, something's dripping."

Humpty Dumpty has left the building. Only two of the "original" tenants left now at 1504 8th Avenue as one more has relocated. I think they are barricaded in the rent controlled apartments. I wonder, how long before we see two more tiny white flags waiving from the windows?

Last week the drilling rig and the crane returned to the 406 site. Just to make sure the excavator still worked after sitting around for the last couple of weeks, the crew decided it would be a good idea to start digging a hole Saturday morning at 7:45am. With all the machinery back in place, hilarity should ensue as soon as the Stop Work Order is removed.

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