Sunday, April 24, 2016

Glassy Palace to Replace House of Sticks.

Land speculators with deep pockets continue to reap the vast supplies of bonus F.A.R. sacrificed by the families of the South Slope during the panic-stricken Prophylactic Down Zoning of 2005.  This redistribution of square footage to a small number of properties along Fourth Avenue felt necessary at the time to fend off multiple attacks against diminutive two story row houses by sun blotting Bricolaged Monsters.  In the end at least we would know our charitable donations were going to be used to provide affordable housing for working families. LIKE THIS!  

 The Great Wall of Fourth Avenue grows up eleven unaffordable shoddy stories into our light and airspace.  Let the demolition begin on 15th Street.

What's that brick turd lurking in the background?

What's that brick turd lurking in the shadows ?   Mighty Purdy Palace Renderings by ROART

With its glassy pink backside to the Slope, entitled terraced  balconies offer unobstructed views to the west and another spectacular Brooklyn sunset.