Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IMBY: Massive Tree Removal

My neighbor is taking down this massive Pin Oak tree in her backyard. I believe the new 15th Street apartment building is funding all or part of it's removal as a great portion of it extended over their back yard patio spaces on the second floor. The base at chest height is easily 5 feet in diameter which could mean this tree is close to 180 years old. The houses on our block date from the 1890's. This could be the oldest tree in the South Slope. It survived both the 2010 tornado and Hurricane Sandy basically undamaged.  

It was one spectacular forest of a tree especially with a stiff breeze behind her coming off the harbor.  The sound of the wind rustling through her leaves produced a soothing sound that would drown out everything unnatural including our frequent roaring airplane traffic passing nonstop overhead.  Its spectacular canopy was so large that you could trace the passage of the wind as the waves moved through the leaves and bent the branches in succession.  Every year a murder of crows would stop for a week or so and perch on this dead branch at the very top of the tree before being chased off by the locals...  

Sorry to see you go.