Thursday, April 06, 2023

8 Windsor Place: Bringing the clean, sleek aesthetics of modern living to the character-filled brownstone architecture of traditional South Slope Brooklyn

8 Windsor Place Condominiums between 7th and 8th Avenues nears completion.  
Owner/Developer: Udi Marciano   U. R. Development LLC
Architect/Engineering/Planning  INFOCUS

Windsor Place streetscape looking towards 7th Avenue. The light-colored brick rowhouses fall within a R5-B residential zoning district. In fact, almost all residential sidestreets within the Windsor Terrace neighborhood have been designated R5-B. The "B" in R5-B designates a zoning district with Contextual Regulations.  Contextual zoning's purpose is to produce buildings that are consistent with the existing neighborhood character.  Such things as bulk, height, sky planes, street setbacks, and yards are regulated.    Zoning districts can change from one block to another, even from one side of the street to the other. 7th Avenue is zoned R6-A...In contrast, just one street over, 16th Street, is zoned R6B. 
Now, what changes everything is the fact that 8 Windsor Place falls within the 100-foot commercial overlay extended from 7th Avenue. This C2-4 zoned 100-foot overlay extending towards the middle of the block modifies and supplements any underlying R5-B regulations governing the rest of the block and instead uses the R6-A rules from the adjacent 7th Avenue   The intent of these commercial overlays is to serve local retail needs such as stores and restaurants.   It's very common to find corner buildings in the South Slope occupied by restaurant spaces that extend down the street but in this case, it's a separate building from the corner without any planned retail.  Corner buildings are not required to have rear yards so many historic buildings have single-story garages.

The zoning lot

This Zoning/Planning document puts everything INFOCUS

Demolished to make way for the new 4-story residential building, this single-story garage space was used as a martial arts school. Fazio Heating Oil Company had its office there back in the 1980s.  You can see that the streetscape plane extends out past the neighboring stoop.  The new building sits on this footprint.

The C2-4 Commercial Overlay indicated in these 3D renderings, is provided by New York City Planning's ZoLo Zoning and Land Use map.

Plans from NY Department Of Buildings         Building Information System for 8 Windsor. The rooftop bulkhead is considered a permitted obstruction and often exceeds the height limitations under zoning. Notice the indicated 30-foot rear yard setback...

1940 NYC Tax Photo of the classically designed 8 Windsor Place, Brooklyn   

1940 Tax Photo corner of 7th Avenue and Windsor Place with ground floor retail.

Monday, April 03, 2023

Demolition of The Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family

No time wasted in the full demolition of the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family one year after the sale to private developers for $11.25 million.
228 13th Street in the South Slope Brooklyn between 4th and 5th Avenues will be the future site of 28 residential condos/apartment units. The sale included the adjacent vacant garden lot as well as the Church's 3 story limestone building 205 14th Street.

Photographed just a decade after its completion, this 1940 Tax photo from the NYC Municipal Archives documents another magical time when the South Slope's pristine cobblestone streets were blessed  with plenty of available on-street parking.  The new 5 story development is already boasting off street parking spaces for some future 28 automobiles.  

1940 Tax Photo of 205 14th Street.  The Church of the Holy Family's school building can be seen on the far left.  Since 1989, the original school building has been used as a senior citizen/ youth center/day care and is not scheduled for demolition.

205 14th Street behind a green construction fence. OMNI BUILD, INC is the general contractor.

Demolition scaffolding as seen from the 14th Street alleyway.

Holy Family shrouded in scaffolding nets.  228 13th Street view reveals the extent of the deconstruction.

205 14th Street and 228 13th Street footprint is Zoned R6B   32,751 square foot 5 story 50+ feet tall residential building with 28 living units.
Owner Robert Saffayeh
Architect Dome Architecture, Design and Engineering

228 13th Street  Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family 1931-2023      R.I.P.