Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Millerton House A Hudson Valley Home in Search of New Owners.

"We love this house. But here’s the thing: after eleven fantastic years in Millerton, we’re buying a place in Brooklyn..."

Our very good friends are selling their Millerton house and moving down south to Brooklyn.  Bucolic GreenWood Heights to be precise.  If you're interested in making a change,  you can read what they wrote about their place here.

Twist of Fate
Over the last three years we've spent just about every available weekend minute up-state at our Millerton mountain house- my daughter has it nicknamed "KittyCat Hideout".   Summer, that's when we met this-old-house-for-sale family,  riding bikes along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail.  They stopped to inquire about our old dog, Oskar the Dachshund, who rides with us in a wagon we pull from behind.  Of coarse we ended up being invited back to their big blue house, pictured above, for drinks out on that great front porch.

That afternoon we discovered, after an insanely torrid game of Twister, that both our same-age sons would be attending Brooklyn's PS10 in the Fall and that I'm unable to go "left foot blue" no matter how hard I try.

Oh,the serendipitous mysteries of life.