Monday, July 29, 2013

WTF Monday: 315 12th Street Undermines Nice Neighbor

Well that ain't right!?   Unsupported mechanical excavation for new foundation at 315 12th Street caves in creating a  sinkhole that swallows adjoining property owners back yard brick patio and vegetable garden. We haven't covered one of these ham-handed clusterfucks in a while but apparently they still exist.  This eagerly awaited 4 family w/penthouse and cellar is the masterwork of INFOCUS DESIGN and PLANNING P.C.  Building permits for foundation earthworks applications were rewarded to a Nadav Hamo of the  ILE Construction Group IN.                           This job site caught our eye back in March when it was discovered that Demolition Queen and Environmental Control Board fines super scofflaw Marie Grasso was listed as superintendent/site safety manager for Best Buy Demo Inc, the company hired to tear down the existing wood frame at this site.   ALL PHOTOS COURTESY of the ONE MORE FOLDED SUNSET blog.
The South Slope's soil is essentially nothing more than a big pile of deposited sand, gravel, and till left over from the Wisconsin Glacier some 25,000 years ago.       Just for the record Mr. Insurance Agent, these are irreplaceable heirloom tomatoes.

July 22nd next door neighbor worried about the ongoing excavation calls 311.  Brooklyn DOB inspect two days later on the 24th of July and issue a Full Stop Work Order Violation for nonconforming work and for no TR-1's for excavation.  That same day a Partial Stop Work Order is issued in order to allow the workers to properly brace the hole.  Partial Stop Work Orders are often allowed in order to stop any further damage.  Surprisingly, no DOB or ECB violations are listed on the profile page.

DOB  BIS page property profile for 315 12th Street currently showing Partial Stop Work Order

Adjoining property owners might want to forward this information on to their own insurance companies and or lawyers.

Nadav Hamo permit holder