Thursday, October 25, 2018

IMBY TOOLBOX Casting Shade in NYC

Noon time Brooklyn: South Slope's segment of $th Avenue way under construction.
Spelunking down amongst the seething mob, living in the bleakness, slithering from there to there, picking up her dry cleaning.

Some people of the Earth are hard at work transcribing and converting our physical man made structures into digital bits. Rendering an accurate virtual illusion of the three dimensional world takes modeling skilz in order to fool the eye.  Who's behind this Herculean effort?
A not for profit global community of data sharing freaks ( Open Geospatial Consortium, a.k.a.  O.G.C.)   

Information Technology & Telecommunications 
Link to DoITT NYC 3D Building Model

The Grey Lady created this interactive truth map of New York City's shadier bits.  Click here to see who's living in the dark,  CLICK LINK and the lite.

From the New York Times Shadow map South Slope Winter Shade captured from their interactive map.

Summer Shadows, my new porn name.

Awwww, Spring Fall Shadows!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Flavor Cannon of Mediocrity: New JUUL for 4th Avenue & 15th Street

E-Cigatecture. South Slope Soul Sucking Skyline streaming bluevanilliaberry & banana ghost vapor.
Sunlight graciously reflected back down to the street.