Thursday, September 13, 2018

IMBY TOOL: NYC Active Construction

Ok my loyal followers, I have another great voyeur tool to appease our insatiable appetites.  Play with this site awhile and see if it doesn't itch your scratch and scratch your itch.

NYC Active Major Construction

NYC Department of Building's Active Major Construction tool is an interactive map and dashboard that provides real-time insight into all currently active major construction sites. Buildings on the map are categorized by square footage, estimated cost, and proposed dwelling units with larger points denoting higher values. Click on any of the points to get more details as well as a direct link to the permit info on DOB's Building Information System (BIS). The sidebar also contains various interactive filters.

Scroll down to view daily Top 10 lists of active sites with the most square footage, most expensive, tallest, and most dwelling units. Additional Top 10 bar graphs show general contractors with the most active city-wide square footage and cost, as well as occupancy type information.

The data used to create this application consists of all active New Building (NB) and Alteration Type 1 (A1) Enlargement permits and is updated daily. (LINK)


What's up with the Pavillion Theater remodel in the South Slope?  Click on any construction site to pop open a window, peer in, see property DOB BIS links and transparent permit info such as type, issuance and expiration dates, square footage, cost estimates, occupancy class, and proposed dwelling units.   

New Architectural Voyeurism: Reimagining Brooklyn's Fourth Avenue

uadO  moN:  You asked for it and IMBY, as usual, provides.  All our residential centerfolds come with out aggravating staples.  For your viewing pleasure, Brooklyn's Fourth Avenue.  

Take the GOWANUS side of the Avenue.