Friday, December 07, 2012

What passes for architecture these days in the South Slope.

548 6th Avenue.    All the charm and wit of a fire department training tower.

The roof top viewing platform offers residents the ability to get as far away as possible from the lower structure without actually leaving the property.

Front and rear balconies entitle future property owners to lord over the land as far as the eye can see while providing important bike storage facilities...  Awaiting them, a vast undulating field of aluminum-coated rooftops to dazzle the spirit.

Decorative Textured Pink Concrete Masonry Units have become part of the South Slope's now traditional architectural vocabulary.  Not unlike the symbiotic way Gustave Sennelier supplied fine pigments and oil colors to Cezanne, Gauguin and Picasso at the end of the nineteenth century, we must now fully understand the role that King's Building Materials has had in enabling the Brooklyn artist/architect to reach their own visionary heights in the first decade of this twenty-first century.

LINK 548 6th Avenue  The future looks blight.

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memoson said...


We are watching the highly offensive new conmstruction using stone ate techniques at 379 Prospect Avenue - namely zero insulation, shoddy bricklaying.

We can send pictures if you're interested