Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When your neighbor is a curb cut.

Curb Appeal 157 16th Street: Corcoran has the listing for this "quaint and cozy" single family wood frame house renovated back in 2003-04.  I'm a big fan of these little shacks. They clean up rather nicely.  Homes like this one  used to be the affordable alternative for someone wanting to buy rather than rent.  In 1993, when I first started to look to buy in the South Slope, you could pick up a house just like this for around $150,000.  The current owners are asking $609,000,  comparable to what you might pay, more or less, for new condo construction around these parts.  But then there is the location...

Coming and Going:  Existing driveway and cub cut directly next door will serve the 9,300 square foot parking lot for both newly constructed condominiums 169 16th Street and 182 15th Street.  Karl Fischer's plans says 31 off street parking spaces to service the 60+ residential units.

The drive... The Vue.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Floor Plans

"A" marks the spot.  Asphalt Jungle: A missed opportunity to restore the neighborhood's "Green Donut".  That's a significant amount of rainwater diverted to the city sewer system and the Gowanus Canal instead of seeping back into the soil.  Check out this mapping link to Oasis NYC to see how your donuts rate.


In black and white, crunching the numbers.

During Foundation Construction: The view from in front of 182 15th Street.  Follow the green construction fence to the right and that's 157 16th Street in the distance between the blue and green houses. Click on any photo to enlarge.


onemorefoldedsunset said...

What a horror show that last photograph is. I can't imagine who'd pay to have a constant stream of traffic next door.
I've been in a S. Slope frame house since the 80's, & am surrounded on 3 sides by new development or empty houses in limbo. The prospect of a next-door tear-down haunts my dreams!
I've been reading your blog for a long time, but have never commented before. Many, many thanks for what you're doing!

IMBY said...

Thanks for the comment.

Unfortunately the owners of The Grand Prospect Hall have proposed to tear down two wood frame homes they own on 16th Street in order to make room for a circular driveway for their planned hotel/parking garage. This photo link takes you to a drawing of their architect's pavement plan.

This photo link shows the current street scape and the houses they plan on demolishing.


bloomie said...

The noise once completed wouldn't bother me, but oh my, my heart is jumping at the thought of all of those rodents with all of that construction. Rats, rats everywhere. You couldn't pay me to live there.