Monday, June 18, 2007


Builders Corp., the foundation contractor for Armory Heights, LLC. is now being allowed to work Saturdays by the Dept. of Buildings.
After Hours Work Variance Permits grant permission for weekend work between the hours of 10am and 4pm. I was under the impression that they are usually only handed out during times of dire emergency where repair delays could mean additional damages and danger to the public. In this case the permit specifies, "To prepare matte foundation in sub levels of job site to stabilize the foundation walls". From what I have seen and heard this past weekend, the remedial work includes just about every type of construction that was being performed during the regular work week.

Officials for the DoB have apparently decided that a Full Stop Work Order at this stage in the operation would only make the foundation even more unstable. Better to let them finish the bottom slab and possibly prevent any more damage from happening, I guess. Does this include building forms and pouring the cement for the walls as well? There still is a Partial Stop Work Order in effect for any work 25 feet from the eastern 8th Avenue property line.

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